Deutsche Telekom

The Design & Customer Experience team is part of the Innovation of Deutsche Telekom. They innovate through design. This means they are at the forefront of new business and product development.


Learning the fundamentals of product design and end-to-end customer experience.

I joined the product-design team of Deutsche Telekom during a build-up initiative, enabling a product centric mindset-shift throughout the organization. Among 150 other designers I learned a lot and helped to build a coherent and consistent customer experience, design for simplicity and create design systems for scalability. Including prototyping, user testing, ux-writing, working with building units and grids and stakeholder management to create great end-to-end customer experiences.


Experiencing first hand how transformational change is driven within large organization was highly benefitial for my future design roles. Working either within multinational corporations or crafting tools to serve their business needs, will often be defined by how adaptive and customizable a solution is. Working at Deutsche Telekom helped me to better understand the objectives that B2B SaaS solutions need to enable.