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Build X-functional design team
Rethink User Experience
Revamp User Interface


LeanIX helps IT architects, business leaders and DevOps teams achieve transparency and control over their enterprise architecture, SaaS, and microservices landscapes.

Start-up to scale-up. 125M in funding and 10X ARR. 

I had the opportunity to support the growth journey. From reshaping the product experience and user interface, launching the rebrand and entire product website to building a cross-functional design team.


Creating a brand that tells stories of transformation.

LeanIX helps organizations to grow their business by transforming their IT Architecture. Transformation is at the core of the LeanIX brand story. The brandmark itself represents transformation by morphing the two simplistic shapes. Among other metaphoric representations as collobaration, integration and merging, the logo stands for a mission of shaping the future. Based on geometric shapes, our minimalistic visual style mimics the analytical, technological, data-driven approach. So does the LeanIX visual system, that is based on geometric shapes and this is amplified by the geometric sans-serif typeface Axiforma.


Enabling a different kind of change that's data-driven, collaborative and repeatable.

The brand concept is led by the same principles as the product experience. Clarity and transparency into IT landscapes are at the core of the product – as well as democratizing enterprise architecture. The brand communication and visual language is always closely in sync with these added values, as is e.g. the pricing model – not based on users but managed applications. Designed to enable change. The opportunity to evolve the product story at the same time as the product capabilities and the customer use cases matured, has been an incredibly insightful experience. It reveals an industry agnostic B2B user journey pattern: Enterprise SaaS solutions serving maturing states of problem solving. In this case — from replacing spreadsheets with a SaaS solution, making better faster decisions based on real-time data all the way to building a culture of continuous transformation.


Built for scalability.

In order to declutter and simplify product visuals we created an illustration framework that helped to create consistency and increased production speed at the same time. Being able to go from product to productmarketing and back helped to challenge design and create idealized product screens that never feel decoupled from the product but may serve as inspiration and become in many ways an integral part of the product. We have made this practice a standard for website building blocks, social templates, event collateral and motion design.


A bunch of amazing talent.

Being able to build up a team of incredibly talented designers is an amazing experience. I had the great pleasure to work with an amazing team of Brand & Visual Designers, Motion Designers and Videographers. Each one, bringing different skills and perspectives to the table and creating a rich and exciting environment of many cultural backgrounds.


Senior Brand Designer


UX / Visual Designer


Senior Motion Designer


Design Lead


Video Producer


Motion Designer

Brand relaunch.

Hypergrowth companies are highly rewarding for designers that love to significantly build and shape product- or brand-experiences. A few of many highlights were the rebranding process and one of our local hiring campaigns. Both with turnarounds within a very short timeframe. Being trusted with redefining an established logo opened up a broader range of opportunites to represent and visualize the ambituous goals of LeanIX to enable organizations to transform. With a growing product landscape and expanding flagship event series the established brand aesthetic kept its integrity and could be extended to a complete brand architecture.