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Product Design Lead
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Rethink User Experience 
Revamp User Interface
Information Architecture

HYPE offers idea and innovation management software for developing and realizing opportunities aligned with strategic initiatives. Beyond generating and evaluating ideas Hype created a client community and offers expert consultants to build a sustainable innovation program. 

During my time as a product design lead I helped to redefine the complete user flow and information hierarchy to create a simplified user interface. An exciting journey due to the complexity of the different dimensions. Large parts of the code base were rewritten, legacy and custom code had to be considered and migration paths created. One of the main guiding principles to declutter the user interface, was to map out user roles, so the UI could be highly adaptive and personalized to roles and funnel states.


Tame complexity.

One of the most interesting findings during the design process: Campaigns, that are the center of every innovation program, are a constant subject to change and need improved descriptions or better guidance in order to collect better idea submissions. Before the revamp, campaign managers where only offered a "management-view" to administrate those campaigns. Obviously, they were unable to revisit and observe a campaign as a contributor or invitee.

Introducing a menu bar that would help to switch views increased the quality of campaigns by helping campaign managers to empathize better with their audience.

Before. After.

Some of the following screens show the huge leap after the UX/UI revamp of Hype 9. It also manifest the importance of getting buy-in from stakeholders as early as possible. Many of the early explorations were able to answer how to build a new information hierarchy and a structure that would allow to dramatically clean up and simplify the user interface. It also offered a pre-designed architecture to implement new features and capabilities that were already in planning.