I love to build and ship great products and create authentic brands.

As designers, we are able to envision the »new«, start with a blank page, rethink how things are build, made, used. We iterate, improve, tear down and start all over again to create a better experience. 

You need to be brave to pitch an idea. Articulating a new concept, means to put something outthere that can be tested, validated, criticed. Be courageous. I have learned its worth to show the change you are able to imagine. Having the ability to make a vision tangible and let others see and experience how you envision it, can have a huge impact. But I had to learn not to fall in love with your first design. It will grow change and evolve in the process. Be honest and be supportive with those who will help to build your vision. Good design is created by teams. We never build anything great alone. 

I was trusted with creating and changing the voice of brands and redefining user experiences. I have learned that my skills are best applied during times of organizational and strategic change. Start-ups, scale-ups and strategic transformations need proactive and forward thinking design work that enables a fast-paced growth.

I have worked with CTOs and CPOs to translate larger product visions together with dev-teams and product managers into MVPs, epics and down to user stories. I have experienced the importance to explain the value of detailed design, but also found great support in building component libraries and design systems to support testing, scalability and coherence at scale.

I enjoy fast ideation sessions and sketching out ideas to help to visualize and frame ideas and UX concepts for fast iterative processes. I use high fidelity wireframes and prototypes to validate concepts in early stages and establish confidence to build perfected user interfaces and detailed visual designs.